TWoM: Days of the Siege – People to know in Pogoren

Days of the Siege: People to know in Pogoren

Time is running quickly to Spiel Game Fair in Essen, Germany, a genuine celebration for all fans of tabletop games. This will be the place where we will show you for the first time Days of the Siege, the second expansion for This War Of Mine: The Board Game. You will be able to obtain your own copy especially if you preorder it here.

We have already unveiled quite a lot of information about this expansion – simply check our earlier articles about its game components, an in-depth overview of the War Campaign Forlorn Hope, and an installment covering new Locations. Now it is time to take you a little deeper and focus on certain solutions unique both for Days of the Siege and the War Campaign constituting its huge part – Story Characters.

Story Characters form a completely new type of cards that represent people who might play an important role in the War Campaign. As you progress through the narrative, you might encounter some of them and interact with them in various ways. These people come from all walks of life, but they all share one characteristic – war has irreversibly changed them. A school teacher turned a ruthless military, a decent fishermen risking his life as a smuggler… They all have extensive personal background and motivations, which you might learn if you choose to meet them.

Story Characters do not appear in the game for no reason – there is always some trigger allowing you to socialize with these figures. More often than not, it will be up to your decisions and your willingness to explore Pogoren – otherwise, you might never meet certain Story Characters. However, once in the game, each of them opens new options to your group. Each Story Character card is two-sided and features a Favor track. Along with a Favor token, it is used to check how familiar your Characters are with a given city inhabitant, and the more you help such a person, the more you know about their life and about the general situation in Pogoren. Some Story Characters might also enable you to perform certain actions based on their connections around the city or their current occupation.

Of course, everything comes with a price. Here, it is paid in two ways. First of all, once a Story Character is in the game, you need to spend precious Exploration cards during your Scavenging to reach their District and learn about their needs by reading dedicated scripts marked on their cards. Secondly, in order to push their personal story forward, you have to “invest” your group’s time, resources and items otherwise necessary for your day-to-day survival. The big question is – is it worth it? You won’t find this answer here as we have no intention to spoil you the surprise. Once you enter war-torn Pogoren and play Forlorn Hope, you will get a chance to check it for yourselves.

Days of the Siege and its War Campaign open a whole lot of new opportunities to overcome challenges, face horrors of war, but also to discover good in hearts of fellow men – even the ones you would never consider capable of pious acts. That is why we encourage you to visit our booth in Hall 2, B136 at Spiel Game Fair for the presale of Days of the Siege, which is scheduled for 24th October 2019. Just to be sure, you may also secure your copy by preordering it here so that you may collect it when we meet in Essen.

Winds of war are blowing your way. Will you weather them?