Consumer Complaints


In order to quicken the consumer complaint process, instead of the place of purchase you can contact us directly. The consumer complaint should be filed via e-mail at and should include:

  • a photo/scan of the receipt or invoice as the proof of purchase
  • information regarding when and in which store the product was purchased
  • a detailed description of the problem (photos illustrating the problem might prove helpful)
  • shipping address and phone number

In the absence of proof of purchase, the complaint should be filed in a normal way (i.e. in the place of purchase).

Attention! The complaints concerning damage due to shipping (e.g. boxes) should be resolved directly with the shop in which the game was purchased.


We do not sell any game components or boxes independently. However, we do our best to help the owners of our games in the case of lost or damaged elements.

In order to receive any missing/damaged components please send an e-mail at with the description of the problem (including a detailed list of missing/damaged elements). We will try to help as much as possible.