TWoM: Days of the Siege Expansion overview – preorders are open!

This War of Mine: The Board Game -Days of the Siege Expansion overview. Preorders are open!

The pre-release of Days of the Siege, the second expansion for This War Of Mine: The Board Game at Spiel Game Fair 2019 in Essen is coming swiftly. Therefore, we wish to tell you a little more about all the new things you will find inside the box. This is going to be just a quick sneak-peek at the contents – you may expect more in-depth overview very soon.

The presale of the English version of this expansion is scheduled for 24th October 2019 at Spiel. We hope you will be there at our booth in Hall 2, B136 to collect your copy. You may preorder it here for the special price of 40 EUR!

Let’s start from the heart of this expansion: the completely new War Campaign Forlorn Hope. This is a really huge game module heavy both with story content – over 700 dedicated scripts – and game elements. First of all, you get a new, additional board depicting Pogoren. It is used throughout the campaign along the main board from the base game to move around the city and interact with it in different ways.

Secondly, 5 Act Sheets, with Act II and Act III in different versions reflecting your strategic and narrative choices, allow you to experience a dramatic story of truly epic proportions and provide you with hours of immersive gameplay.

All this is complemented by over 50 new tokens used in conjunction with the Act sheets, as well as 71 cards utilized exclusively during the War Campaign. Add to this 4 Soldier miniatures with 6 base discs in 3 different colors and a set of completely new rules, and you will get the biggest module created so far for This War Of Mine: The Board Game. Designing all this was a very challenging undertaking and we hope that your experience will be truly rewarding.

The second thing you will find aplenty in Days of the Siege are Location cards. There are 13 of them, each with a great artwork and new, dedicated “Look Around the Area” scripts, as well as special rules for you to use in any playthrough. The cards are designed to become part of your base game Location deck, so that you may add more variety both to normal Campaign games and Scenarios – either from the base game or from the Tales from the Ruined City expansion.

The third thing is the Orphans of War module – one of the most moving elements of the Kickstarter campaign, which now becomes available in the retail version of the game. With 2 Orphan minis, 3 Orphan cards, 6 Kid Fitting and 6 Kid Action cards, you get a fresh content to add to your games. Learn the dramatic stories and face the challenges of fostering a stray child in your shelter.

Last but not least, inside the box you will also find the Dog card and miniature. You may voluntarily add the Dog module to your game or use it when called for by dedicated scripts. If you also own the Tales from the Ruined City expansion, you may use both the Dog and the Cat to reflect your attachment to pets despite the horrible situation in besieged Pogoren.

All in all, the Days of the Siege expansion will enrich your experience in many different ways. It will not on only provide you with many hours of gameplay, but will also add a lot of variety to the game materials you already have either in the base game, or in other This War Of Mine: The Board Game expansions. 

Winds of war are blowing your way. Will you weather them?