TWoM: Days of the Siege – Discovering Pogoren

Days of the Siege: Discovering Pogoren

As we enter October – a very most important month for all board game fans, considering that Spiel Game Fair in Essen is around the corner – we would like to show you yet another important part of Days of the Siege, the second expansion for This War Of Mine: The Board Game. After giving you a general highlight of the game components and an in-depth overview of the War Campaign Forlorn Hope, it is now time to take a look at new Locations, which you will find inside the box.

Pogoren is a city under siege and Location cards are the main way to convey feelings of misery and gloom permeating this place, as well as to show ruin and war – especially that the game is mostly text-based and artwork is very limited. That is why we decided to approach the matter from two different angles. On one hand, we used some of the original content found in the digital version of the game by 11 bit studios, so that new Locations are not only visually compatible with the cards from the base game, but are also familiar to anyone who played This War Of Mine. On the other hand, we asked our talented illustrator Michał Lechowski to create completely new materials to suit our development needs and to showcase Pogoren as a city with rich history and background.

All this resulted in 13 new Location cards that can be added to the Location deck from the base game. This enables you to use them in any Campaign or Scenario for a more varied experience. For your convenience script numbers featured on new cards have been picked from the base Book of Scripts to suit new Locations, saving you time whenever you need to check Reality Impacts. However, the “Have a look around the area” option has been customized for each new place. This means that each Location card comes with 4 new scripts, thus providing you with thrilling narrative. Another unique feature of many new Location cards lies in their special abilities – now, instead of blindly scavenging in some place and risking the well-being of your group, you may return a set number of Exploration cards to get certain items or trigger special effects. As you certainly know, this might mean the difference between life and death.

Finally, there are certain Location cards reserved only for the War Campaign Forlorn Hope. Plundered Old Town is the Starting Location, and one you will visit often during your stay in Pogoren – this is the place, where you have your Shelter and although you won’t find much there, the presence of people gives you chances to trade and socialize.

Additionally, as you progress through the War Campaign, you will get a chance to introduce up to 5 Special Locations into the game. Some of them enable you to perform unique actions or use effects that cannot be found on any other game component, others show various tracks with accompanying narrative and rules. All Special Locations are closely connected with the story and the way you interact with them will surely bring unexpected results. They also enable you to explore their surroundings and learn more about the situation in the city.

As you can see, there is a lot to discover in Pogoren and each new place you visit will offer you many new challenges and stories. Thanks to the Location cards from Days of the Siege both your base game and War Campaign sessions will become unforgettable.

Once again we invite you to our booth in Hall 2, B136 at Spiel Game Fair for the presale of Days of the Siege, which is scheduled for 24th October 2019. You may also secure your copy by preordering it here so that you may collect it when we meet in Essen.

Winds of war are blowing your way. Will you weather them?