This War Of Mine The Board Game – Tales from the Ruined City Expansion available across the Europe

Today is the European premiere of an English version of Tales from the Ruined City, the first retail expansion for the bestselling This War Of Mine: The Board Game!

Tales from the Ruined City includes 100 cards, 7 miniatures, 6 sheets, over 30 tokens and tiles as well as hundreds of completely new scripts encompassing over 120 pages of immersive stories from the besieged Pogoren. What is important, you will have a direct influence on how they will evolve and you will remember them for a very long time.

The expansion itself is comprised of a number of game modules that can be optionally used in the game – you may enrich your Campaigns and Scenarios, thus reaching new layers of narrative and war drama.

Have a look of what you will find inside the box here.

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