Vistas of the waste – Part 3: New Sydney

“You haven’t seen anything if you haven’t been to New Sydney”. That’s what you hear from any ne’er-do-well you meet on the trail. Personally, I believe you can easily live without visiting the, so called, Capital of the Waste, but if you want to feel a part of a bigger human community, that’s where you should go. This might be the only place in Australia deserving the right to call it a ‘city’.

White roofs of the Opera, the current seat of the self-appointed Governor and his big-headed Councilors, indicates from afar that you haven’t lost your way. Though the ocean withdrew somewhat, you can still feel the salty breeze which brings various scents of civilization: odor of human bodies; smoke from workshops, bonfires and huge grills where fish and kangaroo meat is cooked; fumes from hundreds of power generators that help illuminate the city and lure newcomers.

In New Sydney you can easily barter anything that can be scavenged or produced in this desolate world. Resources, weapons, working cars, drugs, food… If you chance upon something valuable in the badlands or have some unique skill, you will surely find a client for it. Of course, you must pay a ‘toll’ to one of the merchant houses that hold real power in the city. But I guess you’d rather lose ten percent than life, right?

If you plan to stay for the night and have some fun… Well, options you’ll find aplenty – from the still irradiated ruins of the city suburbs, through sewers and underground structures adopted after the Scourge to classy flophouses not far from the Opera where no thief dares operate and a bunk with fresh sheets awaits… for a price. Add to this tens of bars, cathouses and gambling dens and you’ll surely forget about the wasteland. You can stay in New Sydney for as long as you like but I assure you – once you’re out of stuff to barter, they’ll kick you out of the city in no time.

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