How to survive the zombie apocalypse


Today we present a few tips and tricks on how to survive the common situations, when you are surrounded by the ravenous zombie horde. Use this useful tactics in Zombie Terror to ensure your victory over the mindless horrors.

1.       Use small children as a distraction

Remember that kids are more agile than your other survivors. That is why you can put the Kid in more dangerous situations and she will almost always find her way out, distracting the zombies in the process.


2.       Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty

In case of a blocked path, do not hesitate to use the raw force of your strongest or most cunning characters. You can even push a zombie so that it will face other character and will have to go in his or her direction. It never feels right to sacrifice other human being but sometimes you cannot avoid tough choices.


3.       Throw something (or someone) at them

The businessman always has a suitcase – it is one of the natural laws of the zombie apocalypse. Use it to your advantage. When zombies are approaching, put your Banker in the front line – he may look frightened but he is also hard to kill due to his trusty suitcase. Of course, he will die eventually but luring up to three zombies in one turn can be worth it.


4.       Trail of blood tactic

When there is no other option, just shoot and use your axe get past the horde. The Cop and the Logger can give your survivors some breathing room to quickly run to the car. However, the commotion they make will alert even more zombies. Run or die – it is your choice.

With these four basic tricks, you are now ready to face the zombie apocalypse. Take up your axe and go chop a few zombies in Zombie Terror.