Explore the ancient space ship


Explore the space ship of the long forgotten race and learn its secrets!

Humanity have extinct eons ago and various races of aliens are inhabiting the peaceful world. Harmony in the universe is preserved by Galactic Council of Elders, which care about calming down all conflicts before they emerge. But this is just a superficial lie – the alien races struggle in technological advancement and knowledge, whicha would help them to take utter control over the universe. Then, the wreck of a giant starship with mysterious name Andromeda unexpectedly  appears. It is said that this ship contains ancient forgotten knowledge, which may lead one race to became the greatest might in the universe.

Andromeda is a game for 2-4 players based on the “I split, you chose” mechanic. One game of Andromeda takes about an hour. Races of aliens are exploring hull of the ship in order to find and understand advanced technology of a long forgotten civilization, which would help them to take control over the universe. The player who collects given number of Domination Points (DP) first, wins the game.

All players start the game in Portal room with number of explorers indicated by the number on their race card. More explorers can be called on the ship from the race card, but earlier they have to be recruited.


Each turn starts with assigning commands with a set of dice. The first player rolls all the dice, then he places 3 of the chosen dice on the order card and hands it on the player on his left. Next, the second player can decide if he accepts the command set or refuses and passes it to the next player at his left. If the set have not been accepted by any player, the one who prepared it have to accept it.


After that, the first player prepares order card with 2 dice on it and offers it to the next player on his left who don’t have any dice yet. When the player accepts 2-dice set, he can chose one of the dice remaining on the table. The last player takes 3 remaining command dice.

dice_symbolsAt the beginning of the player turn he have to resolve dice with the Contamination symbol – he have to remove one of his aliens or cure it with Vaccines (if possible). Then he can resolve actions according to command dice. One action have to be resolved fully before taking another.

Whenever a player wants to explore a room, he have to choose one explored tile, where is at least one of his figures and target one adjacent tile. Then the player removes one unused command die (it cannot be the Contamination symbol), places it on the middle of table and reveal the room tile, placing one of their explorers on it.

The room is controlled by the player who have more explorers in it. Each room has indicated number of Domination Points, but some of the rooms have also special abilities, which may be used by the controller, i.e. Armoury allows the player to remove any explorer from the ship and Comm Centre can train or call 1 of your explorers. Room actions can be resolved before, after or between command dice actions, however player can use only one room per turn.

To make game even more exciting, each of 8 alien races has own unique skills described on the race card. Alien’s skill can change dice command action or allow you to use other advantages.


Andromeda is a strategy game in which every decision matters. Will your offer containing Contamination symbol be good enough to tempt one of the players? Or would you take the risk of putting more Contamination on the order card along with the one symbol you need and hope that no one will take it from you?