Expansion imminent

Galakta_logoHello folks and welcome to our brand new site!

We are the team behind Galakta Publishing House – one of the biggest board games publishers in Poland with a growing range of international titles – check the “Games” tab to learn more about them! With both classic and innovative mechanics and themes in our range you will surely find something that suits your playstyle! 

We hope you’ll like it here. We’ll be bringing you all kinds of news – from new releases to tactical tips for playing our games. Stick with us if you want to be the first to know of all our upcoming board games and expansions. You can also follow us on our active English facebook fanpage and Instagram, where you can find beautiful and exclusive images from our games.

With the expanding variety of games and a few new titles on the horizon we hope you’ll find the game that suits you perfectly.

See you soon!