More than meets the eye

Meet Jasmine – one of the two female characters from our new game – Age of Thieves.


Lucius IV has come to Hadria with his retinue of lords and ladies from the capital – and practically everyone else who thinks his heart pumps noble blood. The city is bursting with would-be favorites, secret paramours, bowing adulators as well as all kinds of swindlers and ne’er-do-wells ready for anything to win favor of an influential patron. Among those over-ambitious fraudsters Jasmine is like a wolf stalking the largest game – the most precious jewel in the world. One moment she is charming and alluring, just to turn deadly dangerous once threatened. Her weapons of choice are dazzling beauty, knowledge of human weaknesses and a set of thief’s tools hidden under her skimpy dress. Woe unto him who drowns in Jasmine’s emerald eyes piercing a man’s soul like daggers… And when all else fails and a jailer shuts the dungeon door behind the girl, Jasmine can be sure that one of her past victims will come to her aid blindly hoping that her cold heart still holds some affection for the forgotten lover.

Jasmine is a cunning girl, who can use guards to her favor. Jasmine’s ability reads:

Whenever you are locked in a dungeon, choose any dungeon on the board. Additionally, do not discard any action card from your hand when locked and start a new round with 3 AP.

This means that whenever a Jasmine would be put behind the bars, she chooses which bars that would be. This can save her from many annoyances other thieves may use against her, like False orders (card which allows a thief to move one guard) or can be used as a convenient way to be quickly “escorted” by guards to the other corners of the map. For Jasmine contact with a guard isn’t a setback – she gets to keep her actions and starts with 3 AP, which allows her to quickly move out of dungeon and use a few helpful contraptions.


Her special action card allows her to seduce a guard and so to clear the path to the riches or to open an escape route. This ability is especially useful, when other thieves are after her, laying out various traps and mechanical contraptions which lure guards. Jasmine can easily catch the guard’s attention (just look at her), so he comes to her spot on the map, leaving the road unprotected. What is more the lured guard protects his new place, looking for other filthy thieves who could come that way.

Jasmine is more than ready to give you an unforgettable experience. Choose her if you want an unstoppable character, who is able to freely move through the streets of Hadria and makes guards do her bidding all the time.