Waste Knights – late pledges now open!

Did you miss the Waste Knights: Second Edition campaign on Kickstarter? No worries! Now you may Late Pledge the game via Gamefound.

You have the opportunity to purchase the same content as our Kickstarter Backers. In addition to the base game with all unlocked Stretch Goals, you may also get the following expansions: Dogs of War, Remnants of Civilization or Through the Waste. You may also buy Mr. Mall, the Scavenger – the knight miniature with a sheet and dedicated cards, which was the first 24-hour reward on Kickstarter. We also offer you the dedicated notebook Outback Chronicles (a cosmetic add-on) separately, as well as an additional dice pack.

If you choose the Veteran of the Waste pledge, you will get the base game with all unlocked Stretch Goals, three expansions and the notebook already included in the pledge.

If you are in the group of people who have already backed the game on Kickstarter – please check your mailboxes. By now, you should receive an invitation to the Pledge Manager with a guide on using it.

The closing date of the Pledge Manager is 30th of September, 2019.

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