Waste Knights Kickstarter campaign: Last hours!

The Kickstarter campaign for Waste Knights: Second Edition lasts only until midnight (11:59 GMT+1 /5:00 PM CST) today. You can back it HERE.

This is your last chance to support the project and get lots of additional game content, including the KS exclusives available only during the campaign:

BIG BOX with a dedicated tray and 2 cover arts, which can accomodate not only the core game elements, but also all Stretch Goals and add-ons (if you choose to include them in your pledge)

LORE GUIDE, an illustrated source about the rich and immersive setting of Waste Knights: Second Edition

NEW CHARACTER: DOCTOR FENG, THE SCIENTIST, with his character sheet, dedicated miniature, and 4 unique upgrade cards

NEW CHARACTER: JENNY BURNS, THE HUNTRESS, along with her character sheet, highly-detailed miniature, and 4 upgrade cards

PATHS OF BLOOD EXPANSION featuring the huge enthroned RED LORD sculpt, a new adventure Rise of the Red Lord (approx. 150 new entries), 7 special cards, and 5 boss tokens

Of course, in addition to all this, each Backer will receive the content unlocked in 24 other Stretch Goals!

You may also choose to go for the Veteran of the Waste pledge featuring all 3 add-ons in 1 set, and – assuming you are not the first 24h Backer – take the Scavenger add-on, with yet another character for the game.

The core game, all unlocked SGs and add-ons will be available in English, Polish, or German version. You will make the decision regarding the language version you prefer after the campaign ends, when the Pledge Manager opens.

We are very grateful for your current support.

Waste Knights: Second Edition is a post-apocalyptic game of adventure and survival for 1-4 players inspired by cult classics of the post-apo cinema and set in dystopian Australia destroyed by experiments of a powerful corporation. Each player becomes a rugged hero, travelling through the wasteland, facing unnatural weather and enemies forged in long-forgotten laboratories as well as experiencing adventures full of dramatic choices and disturbing characters.

The heart of the game is adventure. Each playthrough is based on a Mission found in the Book of Missions: either a Story Mission enabling players to follow a set narrative and write their own ending to it or a Sandbox Mission where players are thrown into a conflict or are given an impossible task to achieve. In the end, their victory depends only on their cunning, resourcefulness and ferocity. Some Missions require cooperation, others – fierce competition – but all of them test players’ will to survive no matter the odds.