This War Of Mine The Board Game – New Face of War

The premiere of Tales from the Ruined City, the first retail expansion for the bestselling This War Of Mine: The Board Game, is upon us. We welcome you to visit us in a month’s time in Essen at SPIEL, the biggest game fair in the world. It’s there, at our booth B-136 in hall 2, you will finally have a unique chance to try this expansion yourselves and a few weeks later you should also find it in your local stores. We think it is the best moment to recap what you can expect from it.

Tales from the Ruined City includes 100 cards, 7 miniatures, 6 sheets, over 30 tokens and tiles as well as hundreds of completely new scripts encompassing over 120 pages of immersive stories from the besieged Pogoren. What is important, you will have a direct influence on how they will evolve and you will remember them for a very long time.

The expansion itself is comprised of a number of game modules that can be optionally used in the game – you may enrich your Campaigns and Scenarios, thus reaching new layers of narrative and war drama.

The first and easily the most complex module is called the Sewers. Those underground corridors will lead you straight to the city center, safe from deadly snipers. Thanks to this, you will have a chance to scavenge for additional resources in one of the three available Locations. However, the Sewers are far from safe and you will curse the moment you chose to descend into this dark place.

The second module, the Farmers, is full of stories connected with visitors from the areas surrounding Pogoren. Forced by the war to leave their homes, the newcomers are a wild card – some are eager to barter at the makeshift Market, others will gladly rob your Shelter – especially if you provoke them with your actions. For the first time, each decision you make will have tangible consequences during the game that will go far beyond simple rolls or raising your Character’s Misery.

The third huge module is called the Incidents. It features 5 completely new Scenarios somehow similar in their basic concepts to the ones from the base game of This War Of Mine: The Board Game. Yet, this time you can expect tales with a very varied mood: from a crime story, through trials of a wasting epidemic to a tragic tale of love among the ruins. Additionally, each Scenario features a number of unique elements – cards, tokens and markers – that will enable you to elevate your gaming experience.

Among smaller modules we need to mention Desperate Measures cards that strengthen you when a Character dies or leaves the group. Each of them features a positive effect, but sometimes you will not take the risks connected with playing a given card. Tales from the Ruined City also includes a new Character – Emira, the Cat with its card and figure and a few new cards added to the basic decks. Thanks to them even well-known Scenarios and Campaigns will gain replayability.

It is also worth mentioning that inside the box we have hidden 5 envelopes with additional cards. By winning a given Scenario from the Incidents module, you earn the right to open one such envelope. You can trust us – you really need each of those Reward cards hidden inside in your struggle for survival of the war.

Finally, it is our pleasure to invite you to this year’s SPIEL game fair. At our booth you will check and buy your own copy of the expansion Tales from the Ruined City before the global release. You will also acquaintance yourselves with our other games and publishing plans for the titles that will have their premiere in a few months. However, even if you don’t reach Essen, you should be satisfied to know that the English version of the expansion should reach your local stores by the end of 2018.

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