Tales from the Ruined City – Market


Being cut off from any news as we are, we suddenly realize that new people start appearing around the city. People who look well fed and seem to be barely touched by the war. They do not understand that living here will bring them no solace no matter what horrors have driven them away from their homes in the countryside.

Some of them are here to stay, others come just to exchange food for valuables that we might still hoard in our hideouts, but one thing is sure – from now on, we will share this sorrowful fate together.

With the premiere of Tales From the Ruined City, the first expansion for This War Of Mine: The Board Game, drawing near, we wish to shed some light on new rules and game components found in the box.

First of all, you should know that the expansion will be modular. You will choose for yourselves how many new gameplay elements to include in your campaign and how complex your experience will become.

Secondly, some modules will be very huge, allowing you to add a wide range of cards, tokens and scripts to your game, while some will comprise just a few components so that you may always use them no matter what campaign or Scenario you play.

This time we want to focus on the Farmers module about people from the countryside who travel to besieged Pogoren hoping for a better life. Their homesteads have been ravaged by war, families killed or hurt by soldiers, houses burnt… Some of them are here to trade, some to loot, but they will certainly change the situation in the city.

Besides a number of cards shuffled into the core decks and a number of unique miniatures, the Farmers module will grant you access to the Market – a completely new feature utilizing a special sheet and a deck of Wares cards. From now on every time you finish Scavenging, you have a chance to visit the Market if you are willing to spend some of your hard-earned items to gain access. Once there, you draw a Wares card that informs you about the goods that you can acquire and about people who have come to the city this time.


From this moment, you decide what to do at the Market – you can simply trade, but you can also try to steal some of the stuff the outsiders have brought or brutally loot the Market. Your choice determines what happens to the Tolerance token, which – along with the Tolerance track – represents the way people perceive you. And this becomes crucial once a Reality Impact from the Wares deck kicks in triggering one of 186 new scripts connected with the Farmers module.

Will you try to keep good relations with the newcomers so that you can access the Market for the whole campaign or will you take advantage of their naiveté to take as much as you can carry so that your group can survive? No matter the choice, rest assured that the game will proceed in the direction you wish to take it… for better or worse.

Stay focused! Tales From the Ruined City will be available in Q3 2018.

Graphics are not final and may differ slightly form the final product.