He who rules from the shadows

morius_card_engMorius, King of the Undercity

When the sun sets over Hadria, all decent citizens hide inside their houses for a good night’s sleep and scare their children telling them stories about Morius, the Rat King. They say he can hear every whisper and remember every deed done in Hadria. Meanwhile, under cobbled streets cooling in descending darkness, inside fetid sewers and reeking drains, spies of Morius are readying themselves for another busy evening…

Each character of the Age of Thieves can move through the sewers beneath Hadria, but only Morius knows every tunnel like the back of his hand. Normally, each thief can only enter the entrance and emerge from the sewer’s exit. That’s not relevant in case of Morius –  his passive ability allows him to move freely between the sewers exits and/or entrances, ignoring the direction. What does it mean for the gameplay? Well – Morius can move through great distances and can’t be so easily blocked by other thieves’ contraptions. You can use this advantage in many various ways – to sneak past the troublesome guard, escape other thieves or to quickly rob whole districts, moving from one to another in a blink of an eye.

What is more, Morius can plan his movement better than others thanks to his active special ability – Rat Spies. It allows him to secretly look at two face down city tokens and switch them if he wishes so. This ability can play both defensive and offensive role in the game. City tokens are random encounters, that a thief must activate when moving through it. Rat Spies of the King of the Undercity will serve Morius well – leading the guards to other player while bringing treasures right in his path in the same time.


If you like to plan your movement carefully and stay in the shadows, evading all traps that were set up for you – choose Morius, King of the Undercity!